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Ruby:Liberty:Saloon:Cleaning Rooms [21 Jan 2005|12:45am]
[ mood | working ]

Waking up bright and early wasn't a new thing for Ruby. It seemed to be a forced habit as of late and she found herself being the first one awake everyday. As usual, she immediately performed her daily morning routine: clean the rooms, cook, take care of anything.... disarray. The cooking wasn't hard: a little jam here, some rolls there. Everyone would be satisfied and if they weren't well they could always attempt to make their own food. Didn't take too long but she didn't want to take longer than she had to. There were too many rooms that needed to be tended to.

It wasn't easy trying to keep the saloon in order when you were apparently the only clean person for miles. She swept the floors of various rooms upstairs, the occupants had left that morning. She scrunched up her face at food all over the floor of one room. What, so now she was harboring pigs? She knew who it was, some tall boy with red hair and a lanky build. If he ever came back, she'd set him straight and make sure he didn't do this again or she'd become his enemy.

She hadn't seen Slade all morning, now that she thought about it, but that wasn't exactly unusual. She'd put rolls out for him for whenever he did return, knowing he'd be hungry. He was always hungry. Leaving the cleaning she had to do in the food decorated room for later, she headed to the downstairs bathroom, fully prepared to just dust when her eyes locked on an oil streak. SLADE.....

She headed for the kitchen to see if he was there.

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